Hyundai Santa Fe GLS


This is a AWD vehicle. I need two front tires. The backs appear to be OK. I have 22,580 miles on these tires. Do I need to replace all 4 tires?


Depends on the amount of wear.

Get a tread depth gauge (they’re cheap) and if the difference between the new ones and the rears are within 3/16ths of an inch you should be alright.

The rule of thumb is to replace all four at the same time.

Tires with tread depth of 3/32" should be replaced.

Some tire shops can ‘shave’ the new tires to match the circumference of the rear used ones. Personally, I’d avoid that, but that’s just me.


It appears you have not been rotating the tires to equalize wear. My understanding is that it is very important you do so to avoid wear on the front-rear differential. 22k is very early to have tires worn out, what kind of driving do you do? I agree, measure the tread depth on all the tires and use that to decide.