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Hyundai Genesis in Snow?

We’re considering leasing a 2011 Hyundai Genesis (3.6 for those of you playing at home). We live in Chicago, though, and haven’t had a RWD vehicle in 10+ years. The vehicle’s weight distribution is 52/48 and it weighs in at over 3800 pounds so I feel like it’ll be able to get in and out of street spots as needed. But, I have my doubts since our previous cars were all AWD or FWD. Are my concerns founded about the Genesis in snow? Can it handle it? Do I need to buy snow tires?

More importantly, why don’t I see more of them on the road? Is Hyundai still battling a perception problem when it comes to their luxury option? I test drove it and have to admit, was very impressed. Finally, I’m open to other manufacturers (will test drive Lexus ES350 tomorrow) if there are others I should check out.

I’ve been driving RWD BMWs for most of my 34 years here in Colorado. 99% of winter driving is proper tires and common sense. The remaining 1% is staying home when you should not be driving.

Put four real winter tires on it and it will do fine.


Case closed.

It never hurts to add some weight over the drive wheels of a rwd car.

In Chicago area I’d get 4 winter tires unless I could sit indoors during a snowstorm and not venture out until well after all the streets and parking lots are plowed.

A bit of practice in an open area would be good if it has been awhile since you drove a RWD car in snow. I like RWD because you have more options in snow. FWD is ok to get moving but if you are going a bit too fast the car goes where it wants, a RWD you can kick the rear end around with a bit of gas.

Driving a RWD car in snow means you have to be OK with some wheel spin and use it to your advantage at times. If you can’t stand the feeling of a cars wheels slipping, then RWD isn’t for you.