Hyundai Elantra 2004 turns off in strong turns

I havthey were rusted one a 2004 Hyundai Elantra. It was parked outside for almost a year without being used.
I recently installed a new battery and had the front brakes/rotors replaced - they were rusted on so tight the guy had to partly saw them off.
So now that I have set the scene I would love some ideas as to why this car turns off in sharp turns. Luckily this only happened twice as i was driving slowly and turning into my driveway. I can turn the ignition and it goes right back on.
Any thoughts?
Thank you!!

My 03 ford truck had the turn signals stop working, researched a little and if the steering wheel was all he way down this was the cause. Steering wheel lowered is not an option if I want blinkers. So my guess a short in the ignition switch circuit at the steering wheel. Try a different wheel height and see if things change.

Thanks for the reply. I raised the steering wheel as you suggested and so far so good. I will do some more sharp slow turns tonight and see if it is solved for good!
Many Thanks

There are probably wires running down the steering column that are shorting out. These wires go through a gadget in the column (forget what it is called) that is supposed to prevent this from happening, but over time the insulation can still wear out from all the steering wheel turning, exposing the wire. There’s also some possibility it is a wire that is loose and near a wheel or getting caught up in the car’s suspension.