Hydrogen-gas fuel systems

I have been reading about these Half gas/ Half water devoces. I am almost convinced to try it. Anyone know all about it?


I’m sorry what does “flagged” mean?

This topic has been discussed to the point where nobody wants to touch it anymore. That’s why they’re marking your post as FLAGGED.

If your post is serious, I have some bad news for you; this thing you’re “almost convinced to try” is nothing but a scam. It’s totally BOGUS, and will not work. No way. Never in a million years. It’s a scam, pure and simple.

If it worked, EVERY new car coming from the factory would have this “device” installed as original equipment.

Want to know why it’s not installed on every new car? Because it doesn’t work. It’s a scam. It’s a way to separate your money from you, and send it to whoever is selling this “miracle.”

Don’t fall for it. Save your money. It DOES NOT work.

It means that scammers (which may not be you) often ask about the scam that is hydrogen/water device. They doen’t work, they can’t work, and lots of money is being wasted on them.

Thanks for the info. My wife has been telling me just what you said.

Your wife has more sense than you have. Maybe you should listen to her.