Hybrid Transaxle Assembly

Took 2001 Prius in to independent for brake job. Afterwards, they could not get the car to switch from electric motor to gas. Dealerships say there is no way a brake and alignment job should have killed the car. Now facing a $5,300 repair job on a car that is worth far less in the market but very valuable to me. Any way to link repair to damage?

Not a hydrid expert but it sounds like pure coincidence especially if more than one dealership states so. Try a forum like prius chat but I think it simply failed with bad timing for you and the poor mechanic who worked on it.

Thanks. Local CarTalk listed shop said the same thing. Bake sale, anyone?

If you fixed the car, how long would you keep it? If it’s 5 or more years, it might be worth the money. You need to consider the cost of replacing the car, not just what the car is worth on the market.

How many estimates did you get? Were any from independent shops? I’m not sure they’d be able to do the job, but it’s worth a try. You might shave several hundred off the cost. I’d get at least 3 estimates, maybe 6 considering the cost.