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HVAC Frustration

Seeing he gets heat by manually moving the blend door, I really doubt it’s air in coolant system.

OP posted about a day ago that the blend door problem has been fixed, but still no heat.

No heater valve

inlet is hot

outlet is cold

heater core has already been flushed a few years ago

now it’s acting up again

replace the heater core

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Cap was removed during air bleed.

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth (could automotive engineers have possibly made it more difficult to access?), the heater core has been replaced. I am happy to report that I now have heat. I will never do this again. If I’m not that attached to the vehicle I will sell it with the understanding that the heater core needs replaced. If I love the vehicle I will pay someone else to do it. There are way too many other things I would rather spend time and money on. And life is just too short for this kind of hassle. Thank you all so much for the informative advice. Without it I would never have succeeded in completing this project.

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You never would have finished the project without your own will to get it done, either. Good job.

Congratulations on a job well done.

No worries Most car owners agree w/you, most prefer to do other stuff than work on their own cars. One of the problems we all have is our time is already close to 100% booked for what we need to do every day, go to work, run errands, etc, so any extra job that we get stuck with really creates a scheduling problem. That’s why a great independent auto shop nearby for things like this is something worth searching for. Best of luck!

At my house the biggest deterrent to working on my own car is the climate. These past weeks the thermometer has spent far more time at 20F and below than above freezing… and those are daytime temperatures. I don’t expect weather that will allow me to work on my car until spring. :sob: