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Humming sound from Toyota 2007 Camry

I have 2007 Camry that makes a humming noise when A/C and audio are on at the same time. Pitch increases as I press on the gas pedal and decrease to a steady level as I depress on the gas pedal. What could be a cause of this phenomenon?

Thank you in advance.

Have you replaced the alternator lately? What you are describing sounds like noise interference. I have seen some of the cheap alternators cause all kinds of strange issues. I would also check your electrical grounds.

Agree with @SteveC76 and I will add that old spark plugs and cables can also cause this problem. BTW…it only takes one bad plug or cable to cause noise interference.

Those are all good starting point. Thank you @SteveC76‌ and @missileman‌ for awesome suggestions.

Alternator or coil on plug. Grounds great idea too.