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How to test Propylene Glycol?

How to test propylene glycol? I used my radiator tester with the five floating balls, and none of them floated. I think the mechanic put propylene glcol in the radiator instead of ethylene glycol. Since propylene glycol has a density much closer to water, the ethylene glycol tester didn’t work. There must be a tester for propylene glycol, but what if I mix them? Then no tester will be accurate.

I would start by checking your owner’s manual and see if it specifies one or another type of coolant. Make sure you have the recommend coolant in your car. Then get a gauge useful for the type of coolant you have. Frankly I don’t believe mixing is a good idea, unless you have checked out the compatibility.

Check back with your mechanic to make sure…perhaps his/her glycol solution is too dilute?

Thexton has a tester for propylene glycol. It has a green squeeze bulb.

Mixing them sounds like a bad idea