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How to stop car body rusting

Is there any solution to stop car body rusting like “Do it your self” thng… I mean to say without taking it to a paint shop? I heard of a spary by name “rust reformer” is that works on automobiles?

The best home remedy is called “car shopping” (:

Look at the rust on your car. What you see is only 30% of the actual rust that is there.

How much you want to spend?


In general, the answer is “No”, there isn’t a lot you can do about rust. That’s because the most serious rust problems come from water trapped inside body folds, doors and such and you won’t even see the rust until the body has rusted through starting from the inside. If you keep your vehicles a very long time and aren’t too fussy about the paint job, you can try going over them once a year and wire brushing any visible rust then treating the area with Rust Reformer, Naval Jelly, or similar stuff. You can then paint the treated rust and any nicks in the paint job with a spray can of the proper touch up paint from the parts store. That actually works OK with some white paint jobs. Areas under the car can simply be sprayed with flat or semi-gloss Rustoleum black paint after treatment. The surface treatment may help with things like pick up beds and oil pans. It won’t do a thing to keep your doors from rusting out due to moisture trapped on the inside.

Maybe this will help…

That’s a great link. Good information. Like the author, I have had luck with rust converter. It seems to work well on my Civic’s body. Then again, I live in the South.

When your vehicle is full of slush and salty slop underneath . . . try not to park it in a heated garage or where it will get sun all day. Sounds backwards, but it isn’t. The salty slop all over and under your car will rust faster when warmed-up above freezing. I now leave my daily driver outside of my garage and try to park it in the shade when it is full of the salty slop during winter here in Pennsylvania . . . seems to be working for me. As it was explained to me . . . the rust reaction needs to be above 32 degrees to work. Rocketman

Buy a vehicle with a quality finish…Ford and Toyota are head and shoulders above the rest. They have invested the time and money it takes to put a quality finish on a car…