How to sell a car with a damaged body?

I have a 2001 Honda Civic 2D Coupe. The front bumper has a dent, the front windshield is shattered, the hood does not close completely, and there a are a few scratches on the 2 doors. Any advice for the best way to sell this car? I don’t have the money to fix it, but it runs great.

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I’d be inclined to spend the $125 or whatever to have the windshield replaced, try to get the hood to latch properly, and then post an ad in the local paper. My guess is you’ll easily recoup these small expendatures in the resale.

It looks like the car was in an accident. Won’t insurance cover some of it?

Unfortunately I only have liability, so my insurance won’t cover it :frowning:

Thanks for the advice. I’ll look into it.

List it on craigslist '2001 Civic, needs work but runs great. repairable or parts car. I have title. Buyer must pick up and pay cash. Sold “as is”. $XXX or best offer.

Thank you. This is excellent. I will try this for sure. Happy holidays!

Body panels should be cheap for that car, and since it sounds like everything will bolt on, you should be able to at least get the car straight by yourself (except for maybe the windshield). Even without paint it should be worth doing.

Note: the number of digits here is probably correct.

Do you mean you think it’s worth under $1,000? Please let me know what you think.

For every dollar you put in it at this point, you will get 3 back…(up to a point). At LEAST replace the windshield (shop around, prices vary greatly) and get the hood to close properly. A visit to a small body shop could actually make you some money, not cost you money…With body work, it’s the PAINT and paint prep that costs the big money. So skip the paint…

Thanks for the tips Caddyman!

In non-drivable condition (and if the windshield is smashed, it isn’t) yes, if it as bad as it sounds it probably is. It would be worth more if it’s an SI.

Fix the windshield and every part that is cheap to fix.

Unfortunately I only have liability, so my insurance won’t cover it :frowning:

Maybe maybe not. Give you insurance company a call, they may cover the windscreen. I doubt if they will cover anything else.

There are ways to do paint cheaply, but they involve a lot of work:

Also, that would mean painting the whole car.

I agree. Cars sell much better when the body is in the best shape and you have to decide the trade off in cost now. It’s always cheaper to maintain the body integrety, barring accident during the life of the car than to fix jus tbefore the sale. It’s obvious to the buyer and a sign he/she is getting a good buy.
So on your next car, occationally consider resale value DURING your ownership years, and the questions you have now will take care of themselves.

I’ve definitely learned with this car the importance of keeping the body in good shape, rather than fixing it up just for a sale. Thanks for the input and happy holidays!