How to save on car insurance?

I’ve always said the oboes in the hands of new inexperienced musicians should be considered Weapons of Mass Destruction, especially while they’re still in the phase of putting as much air through the oboe as possible…As far as insurance goes, I agree with you 100%. We always shop around for rates and often manage to save money. We also recently purchased our first home and appreciate the home/auto discount.

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Without reading all the suggestions, the best way to save money on cable is to install an antenna. It’s all free. The best way to save on car insurance is to move out of a large city to an area with a better risk rating.

A genuine question, where do you find risk rating data? I have been looking for a while and even an insurance agent can not tell me that.

I could save a lot on insurance by living farther away from urban areas. OTOH, it would either take a lot longer to get to work, or I would have to get a different job if I moved to, say, nearby West Virginia. The difference in what I make now and either the cost of driving another hour or the huge pay cut living much farther away make paying the extra for insurance worthwhile.

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My car insurance is coming up for renewal next month, and my current deductible for collision is $1,500. I phoned the company yesterday to find out how much less I would pay if I upped my deductible to $2k.

The answer was… six dollars!
I opted to stay with the $1,500 deductible.

That was my experience too when I asked about raising my $500 deductible. Hardly any savings at all.