How to Know your car is straight with road

Hi guys. i have problem with straight direction of car in parking or any place. is there a method to find out if the car is parked straighten ?

I open my door and look at the line on the pavement.

Or you can launch a small drone with a camera to review your position.


any other teknik like imagine line that your hood width parallel with road far away. or …?

Assuming you’re in US with left hand drive I suggest you stick a small “bubble” mirror on the outer edge of your right side mirror.
Available online or at any auto parts store.
With that you can see along the side of the car and the curb.
Even though my current vehicle has a backup camera I still use the bubble mirror to check position when I parallel park.

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Are you saying you can’t drive in a straight line and have trouble parking ? If that is the case then you need more practice or even driving lessons . How long have you been driving ?


Actually, I have a similar problem. When my Corolla is straight in the driveway it feels like it’s veering to the left. I’ve owned the car for nine years and I’m still not used to it. Something that makes it more difficult is that the front wheels are significantly farther apart than the rears (which is odd since the specs say they aren’t) so that when the left wheels are parallel to the edge of the driveway the right ones aren’t.

While you’re driving, if you aren’t drifting from your lane and you’re not too close to the vehicles on either side, you’ll be fine. When you park, just do the best you can. Parallel park one time when there are few other cars around and once you have he vehicle straight sit in it and get a feel for how you’ll need to have it arranged next time.

The same idea would work for RHD cars, except the bubble mirror goes on the left outside mirror.