How to know if clutch is good

I reacenty had the clutch replaced on my 95 civic and they gave me the old one but it looks like theres nothing wrong with it how can i find out if its still good. The reason i replaced it is because put a new tranny. on car old one was grinding and they told me if dint need the clutch i can exchance it for some othe thing

Consider proof-reading your posts before submitting, that last sentence is barely even intelligible.

Generally, the only measure of whether a clutch is “good” or not is how much of the wear surface is left. You can look up the new thickness of the surface and measure the thickness of them on your old clutch and extrapolate how much life is left in it. But unless you recently put in a new clutch, it is a good policy to change the clutch any time you have the engine or transmission out because the actual cost of the clutch part itself is practically negligable-- it’s mostly the labor of having to pull the engine or transmission out.

Put the car in 4th gear with the parking brake on. Slowly release the clutch and if the engine stalls the clutch is good. If not you need a new clutch.

Agreed with GreasyJack; as long as you have the trans pulled, it’s easy and cheap insurance to replace the clutch friction disk and other parts as judged by your mechanic whether it is needed exactly at that time or not.

The question you should ask is: What made my 95 Civic manual transmission fail and what can I do to keep it from happening again? A manual transmission should last the life of the car unless there is some engineering shortcoming.

… or a driving shortcoming.