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How to fix

How to fix a Diagnostic code 0404 exhaust gas recircualtion circuit range performance issue?

And with solving the above make the engine light on the dashboard go off and make the car run smoothly again and it seems that one of the cylinders is not pumping right because at idle it seems it is missing and I don’t want to pay a lot of money on it in order for the engine light to go off and the vehicle to pass smog?

How much am I looking at spending in order for the car to pass smog?

If I take it to a Shell or Chevron gas station or the dealership they will see me coming and start charging me doctor’s rates. Help Help Help

Unless the EGR valve is sticking open an EGR will not cause a rough idle. There is no way of anyone determining what is needed on your car or even being able to make much of a guess because we do not know what year vehicle, mileage, or maintenance has been done.

From the sound of things maintenance may have been a little lax on this car; and lack of maintenance can contribute to EGR problems.

Causes of a rough idle can be a vacuum leak, weak compression, faulty plug wires, plugs, coil or coil packs, distributor, dist. cap, rotor, faulty fuel injector, injector or ECM wiring fault, etc, etc, etc.

The difficulty is that you may have more than one problem. We cannot tell from here.

You will have to face reality – either you fix this car or the state won’t let you drive it. Bring it to a mechanic and get an estimate on replacing the EGR solenoid and valve. After this work is done you will know if that cures everything or whether there’s yet another mountain to climb.

Yes, it will be costly. That can’t be helped. It is the burden of all car owners. Doctor’s rates? They’re now cheaper than mechanic’s rates.

Find a local independent mechanic. Ask friends and family for suggestions. You can also check out the mechanx files found on this web site.