How to find out at which auction the car was sold?

I got a record on a CarFax that says that the car was sold at an auction “auto auction pacific northwest region”. Which is not a real auction but rather a general description. I would like to know at which auction it was sold to request details from that place about condition in which the car was sold. As apparently there is a prior damage that dealer tried to hide from me (and by the looks of it actually repaired the car of the records to hide it) that I need a trace of.

An auction yard will not even look at the condition of the cars.
they don’t own them .
Dealers, banks, and finance companies give them their inventory to dispose of at auction.
You’d need to chase deeper in its history to find records like repairs dealers and previous owners.
Dealers purchasing for resale are often completely surprised by some of them.
The best you can hope for is if…if your dealer wants to impart the info as to where they got it from and perhaps they know the previous selling dealer etc.
It could be that they know a whole lot that they’re never going to admit to.

Auctions typically sell the car “as is.” All buyers are “paying their money, and taking their chances” that a car that “seems” in good shape is. I saw one car flipping show called Texas Car Wars where one of the featured shops bought an older first gen Mustang at auction. They started working on it when one of the bodymen found a suspicious VIN tag. The car was indeed stolen. The car was confiscated, and the shop lost their money.

If the dealer actually did try to hide previous issues from you, you need to turn it in to your state’s attorney general, and find a another dealer you can trust.

And I don’t care HOW good a deal this may seem to be.

Walk away, and don’t look back.

It may have been a repo that was bought, had damage the dealer fixed. Used car dealers buy repos all the time. As far as repairs they my or may not show up anywhere. Don’t know if it is available to you but a title search could provide info.

Have you bought the car? if not find another and skip the worries. If you own the car get it checked out by an independant mechanic to asess repairs and general condition.

Most likely this was an AS IS purchase and nothing can be done now except make sure it is safe and drive the money out of it.

“Dealer Auctions” is a market where new car dealers unload the trade-ins they deem unworthy of their “Certified Used Car” lots…Secondary used car dealers buy these cast-offs and try to make a few bucks off them…It’s virtually impossible to dig up the history of these cars…You bought it “As Is” and that’s that…

Rebuilders who usually have a dealers license so they can buy and sell at these auctions frequently unload their reconstructed cars through this pathway…