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How to clean your rims when the wife is not home


Hope he’s not doing that with detergent in there. Modern dishwashers use an enzymatic detergent which can etch finishes if there isn’t enough food for them to work on.


How do you know that shadowfax :wink:

I had a buddy whose wife came home to a Harley Sportster propped up on an egg crate in the kitchen (on the second floor) and a disassembled carb on the kitchen table. I think he might have even been using her toothbrush on it…


Because I etched some highball glasses (fortunately not good ones - I hand-wash those) and some Pfaltzgraff plates, and wondered why, so I started doing research.

Turns out it’s actually a bad idea to pre-rinse dishes now, because the enzymes are going to eat something and if you take away the dried up food residue, they turn their attention to anything you put in there.

OMG, you guys are just WAY too serious.


This is my dishwasher. Doesn’t do well on rims.


@Triedaq You have the same type of dishwasher that I have when the wife dosen’t see me do it. When she catches me I try to explain to her that the dog doe;s it better than I can. She doe;s not have a sense of humor

Reminds me of an old guy I had dinner with. His dishes seemed a bit dirty so I asked him about that, he said they were a clean as Dawn could get them. After dinner he put the dishes on the floor and said to his dog, come on Dawn, time to clean the dishes.


If she doesn’t know it happened, it didn’t happen … lol …

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I am having a hard time with the idea that enzymes could attack finish (or highball glasses). It is the abrasive (i.e. sand) in automatic dishwasher detergent that etches the things that you put in the dishwasher. That would not be good for rims.

As it is I have a hard time throwing in my rags/waxing clothes in the laundry and mixing it with all the other stuff in a way that my wife won’t know.

They let your dog in the church . . . ?


@db4690. Once a year our church has a service where we may bring our pets. It is amazing how well behaved the animals are.
My dog is only does the rinse cycle on rims ( and does it while they are on the car).

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I worked for Ecolab for a bit. the enzyme is there to dissolve the organic proteins in soil/dirt. they do nothing harmful to plastic surfaces. now we could talk about soft water leaving calcium hard water stains which is probably a bigger concern on wheels where appearance is important. we had soft water in our shop that really improved the car wash process. though most homeowners do not have a dedicated soft water tap on the outside of house.

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody there to hear it… oh, nevermind!

You stole MY dishwasher! Well, mine has more brown fur on her face, and her ears a bigger. They still stick up, though! She’s gorgeous, just like your little buddy, @Triedaq. Mine gets only one cup of kibble daily because there are SO many plates to clean.

Are you talking about “blessing of the animals” . . . ?

My mom’s church has that once a year :smile_cat:

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@db4690 Yes, the picture of my dog was taken at a “Blessing of the Animals” service. Our dog seems to get along well with other animals. We had a cat that would get sick in the middle of the night. Our dog would get us up to take care of the cat. He would also share his food with her. When that cat died and we got a new kitten, the new kitten and dog instantly became buddies. Sometimes animals treat other animals better than people treat other people.


Paint the rim with chicken grease and get a fun hat for your dog as a reward


My personal website has how-to instructions for various automotive repair tasks. One of them involved using an old tooth brush to clean ten years of crud out of a cavity in the heater system. It happened that the old tooth brush I used looked exactly like my wife’s current tooth brush. When I was proudly showing her my newest post, she spotted that tooth brush. Things got ugly fast.

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