How serious is this idiot light?

2003 F150 147,000 miles 4.2 V6 Only bought this truck nine days ago. Yesterday was the first really cold day of the year and the “service engine soon” light came on. Took it to AutoZone who gave me P1131 and P1151. Had to Google it and received conflicting answers. The problem is I need to road trip this thing Saturday Morning IS IT SAFE?

It is probably safe, but only a mechanic on the scene can really determine that.
Both codes indicate a possible problem with too lean a mixture, but of course this could just as well be a sensor problem as it could be a genuine problem with the mixture.

In any event, if you are taking this newly-bought 147k mile truck on a road trip, I hope that you have documentary confirmation that the truck is up to date with maintenance. Otherwise, you could have an interrupted trip.

Thanks, yeah that is the most common answer on Google “upstream 02 lean”.
Long story, wife in cast, I’m driving her manual transmission, picking up a free piano, no time to reschedule. Wish me luck! Thanks again

Check for a vacuum leak, often in the pcv hose but not always. Clean your MAF sensor and check your upstream O2 sensors to see if they are getting lazy. You should get the problem fixed before you go on a road trip.

I have this same engine in a 2004 F-150 and get a generic P0172 (fuel trim bank 1 ,system lean) occasionaly. You are getting a FORD specific code, lack of H02S21-Switches-Sensor indicates Lean. I do wonder what additional problem there is with your truck.

Guess I had a bit of trouble typing here.