How often do you get your A/C checked?

My A/C is working good but i don’t know when the last time it was serviced.

Does your Owner’s Manual list scheduled maintenance for the A/C system?
I didn’t think so.

I don’t do any periodic servicing of my car’s A/C system, and it is still putting out lots of icy-cold air after 8 1/2 years and 103k miles of driving. If I perceive a drop in cooling efficiency, I will take it to an A/C shop, but not until then.

While I am obsessive about maintaining the rest of the car, when it comes to the A/C system, I believe in “leaving well enough alone”.

If it’s working well you don’t need to do anything. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

When it stops working. However I do change out my cabin air filter.

If you live in a particularly bug-prone area, you might check the front of your condensor to make sure it’s not plugged up. Other than that, nothing (besides the cabin filter).

Joseph makes a good point.
The cabin air filter is the only part of the HVAC system that I perform any maintenance on.

When it breaks or drops in performance.

And unfortunately AC repair falls into two places, either $50-$100 or over $1500 nothing between ever.

As a mainternance cossultant I can tell you that today’s A/C sytems are better left alone. I had a car in Asia which had elaborate procedures for checking the A/C, most would likely result in “maintenance induced falure”, a term used for unnecessary meddling causing problems. I did not bother with any of them.

As mentioned, change the cabin air filter, if the car has one, regualrly, use your hand to judge whethter the air coming out of the ducts is cool enough, and check the drive belt periodically. That’s all.

How often ?
I don’t.

It’s a sealed system.
It either works, or it doesn’t.

When ( if ever ) it doesn’t is the only time to be concerned.

1979 chevy pickup, installed add on kit in 82. never a problem, nothing to check.
1980 Bronco, never a problem.
1992 Explorer lost freon during winter months two years in a row,94 & 95. replaced a bunch of little green o-rings, no problems since.
06 Escape hybrid, no problems.
08 Expedition, no problems.

Simply saying “if it’s blowing cold don’t open the hood” is wrong. An inspection of rotating parts (including the belt) visually inspect for damage to condensor or leaking service ports,compressor mounting, perhaps under vehicle lines to rear AC unit (if so equipped) and then a AC performance test (outlet temp, pressures) can be worked in when the vehicle is in the shop for other issues.

Give the system a listen and a look at every once in a while, many shops will do this at a minimal charge and you just my find that you also have a minimal charge.