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How many car models can you name that start with P

Caution this is a joke for the light hearted members of our community.

OK, I’ll play your straight man.

There’s the PT Cruiser, Prius, Pathfinder, Pilot, Previa, and Passat.

Packard, Peugeot, Phaeton, Porsche.

Also Packard Patrician, AMC Pacer, Pontiac Phoenix, Toyota President (Japanese model), Toyota Previa, Rolls Royce Pheaton, Pontiac Parisienne (Canadian version of Bonneville), Pontiac Pursuit, and a whole lot of others that have slipped my mind.


Ford Pinto, the horror, the horror.

Ed B.

Long enough sorry as stated previously, it is a joke, none start with P they all start with gas. My humblest apology for something I found funny!

Pinto, Park Avenue.




From Floyd Clymer’s “Treasury of Early American Automobiles”:
Pacific, Packard, Page, Page-Toledo, Paige, Paige-Detroit, Palmer, Palmer-Moore, Palmer-Singer, Pan, Pan-Am, Pan-American, Panther, Paragon, Parenti, Parry, Parsons-Electric, Partin-Palmer, Paterson, Pathfinder, Patterson-Greenfield, Pawtucker Steamer, Payne-Modern" and about 70 more…

I was going to use the “they all start with gas” joke, but you beat me to it.

I see you called google on that one.

I imagine a couple driving home, one is laughing and the other I don’t get what you find funny about that!

The joke set-up was for models, not makes. So Studebaker President, Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota Passeo, NSU Prinz, Hudson Pacer, Ford Pantera, Edsel Pacemaker. These are from memory, it isn’t any fun looking them up.

All of them start with Pressurized gas nowadays.

Hummm. All my cars start with a KEY.


Let me add the Studebaker President and Mazda Protege.

Haven’t seen the Prowler yet.

This reminds me of something I heard on NPR: The “O” in opossum is silent, like the “P” in swimming.