How long should a coolant pressure test hold pressure?


I’m testing the pressure on a 2012 rio. I got a loaner tester from auto zone. The manual doesn’t specify how long it should hold pressure. How long should the pressure hold? Indefinitely?

Lets see , in a matter of seconds on the web I found an article that said let it set for 30 minutes , then look for leaks and if pressure dropped then you have a leak .


Thanks you. I didn’t realize you were suppose to oil up the tester adapter to make the test air tight. Seems to pass today after doing so.

We, or some of you any way would not be able to charge for the advice here if everyone just went to Google. Now I know there is a plumbing regulation for the time required to test for leaks in pipes but don’t know what it is. Longer than 30 minutes. I think over night. :crazy_face:

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So, I thought my heater core was leaking. I would occasionally get a wiff of something nasty. Ive smelled it before when my heater core went out in an old Toyota i had. My dash was also making a bubbling noise.

Pressure test held for an hour so I thought the heater core was fine.I released the pressure from the tester and got a wiff of that nasty heater core stink. My coolant not under pressure smells like new coolant. Is there a known phenomenon about coolant smelling different when sprayed out from pressure? It’s kind of fishy

I’m bypassing the core to see if the smell goes away.

Some have sensitive noses. If it holds pressure and is not leaking, I’d just forget about it. Or open the sloe thing up and clean and disinfect everything. I’ve never noticed a difference in smell but then I rarely smell used coolant.

Heater core leaks smell like coolant.
AC evaporator core bacteria/mold makes a nasty smell.
Make sure the AC condensation drain isn’t clogged.

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