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How long before I refill antifreeze?

Just replaced my thermostat on my 07 Suzuki Forenza. It is the type that requires buying the theromstat and housing together (and costs a lot more than a regular theromstat). I used blue Permatex on the gasket and was wondering how long I needed to wait before I refilled the antifreeze. It said it cures enough in an hour and is fully cured in 24. It’s been more than an hour and it still seems gooey to me.

Did you use the gasket that is supposed to be there? If so i would go ahead and fill it up.

Yes, I did use the gasket. I never believed in only using the gasket maker unless the gasket was impossible to find. I do always use it to help seal the paper gasket though. It’s just been a really long time since I’ve had to do a repair on something like that and didn’t remember it taking that long to cure or how long I waited. I’m sure when I was younger I filled it right up.

You can fill the cooling system.

The Permatex gasket maker oozes out from between the mating surfaces and being thicker it’s taking longer to cure. But the gasket maker between the mating surfaces has cured enough to where the cooling system can be filled.


I did and took it out and drove it around. Came up to operating temp for the first time in a while and didn’t go over. And no leaks. Yay, I’ll have heat this winter. Thermostats on these cars are known to stick open. Better open than closed, I guess. I wish the thing wasn’t so expensive but glad it’s done. Even talked someone who knew me at O’Reilly’s into letting me use their computer to reset the code. Thanks for the help