How important is safety to the average person?

Nonsense. Crash performance has improved. Prove me wrong.


Saved from a local facebook group, This is in the center turn lane on a road that has 2 lanes plus the turn lane in the middle. The older Legacy fared much worse.

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I place absolutely no value on the safety of a car when I buy one.

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Luckily gone are the days of steel dashboards and no seat belts, airbags etc. Amazing we survived! :wink:
I hit a guy head on at 45 mph, No officer light was green I turn and he hit me. Sure I got a bruised knee, sprained finger and busted the windsheild with my head, no seat belt used or airbag on my 72 Nova, I think @TheWonderful90s may be overthinking.

I’m not aware of any crash tests performed with actual crash test dummies or equivalent measuring instruments in a 60 MPH head on crash. There just isn’t any test data to work with. All we can do is guess.

I can show you a real world case with an extreme head on crash in late model vehicles where everyone died. It’s not a very good example since it very well could have happened at over 70 MPH. wrong way driver spotted: Dashcam video captures driver involved in fatal wrong-way crash killing two San Diego detectives - YouTube The results Two SDPD Detectives Killed in Triple Fatal Crash | San Ysidro - YouTube

How do you know what fared much worse without any inspection of the vehicles or crash dummy data? Is that based on real people being injured? Reduced injuries in minor accidents do not correlate to reduced fatalities in a severe accident anyway. A 20 something MPH crash like this doesn’t really do any good for determining safety in a high speed crash.

The responders needed to cut the older car to get the driver out, the other driver was only shaken up.


The red car probably had the brakes on sinking the bumper down and helping the other one to over ride the bumper and smash it in more high up. That’s why the door got stuck. What’s the weight difference? The 96 Subaru Legacy is about 3100 pounds, and the 2014 is a bit over 3400 pounds. (3427 / 3100) ^ 2 = 1.22 times more severe for the lighter vehicle.

Unfortunately a lot of the improved safety in highway speed head on crashes for newer vehicles is dependent on it hitting an older model vehicle.

You couldn’t have been going 45 MPH and making a turn at an intersection.

The guy was an illegal that turned in front of me while I was traveling straight, what part of I turn and he hit me did I fail to explain clearly enough? Obvious to me, but now maybe you understand.

Officer light was not green?

That was not a highway crash, this is like the two others driving down the parkway.

Crash on a rural road, 55 MPH, minivan versus school bus.


Top gear train VS Renult Espace, train reportedly was doing 80mph at the time,

Illegal with no license turned in front of me while I was going straight through the intersection on a green light.

The only thing that scares me driving is going across a high two lane bridge built 80 years ago. I think safety is what we would call a “maintenance item”. That is not of primary normal concern but a certain degree of normal safety is expected. We expect road hazards to be minimized and cars to not have things like air bags exploding in your face during normal driving.

I have worked with people though that are absolutely paranoid. One person wanted me to go halt the replacement of a roof next door because we were drawing in fumes that he had to breath. Not sure how they make it through a normal day.

Sorry, I’ll have to read the other responses later.

My mother refused to travel under a bridge while a train was crossing it, Born in St. Paul, remember having to hold our breath while going under a bridge, Crazy Parents!

That is wrong. Cars are indeed stiffer but the areas forward of the firewall have designed in weak spots called crush zones specifically designed to reduce the G forces on the passengers.

The cars are tested for that in simulation at least. The public will never have access to that data because of lawyers. In fact the testing may not even be “officially” done to avoid discovery in a lawsuit.

Not only is it wrong, but it reveals that he doesn’t comprehend the nature of modern “controlled crush” technology and the different types and thicknesses of steel that are used to accomplish this significant advance in auto safety.


Rarely went to St Paul, except to go to Como Park.
But in Mpls, there were RR viaducts everywhere.

Everything about this statement is wrong.


Me thinks The 90’s person has yet to make a factual post :thinking: .