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How important is Electronic Stability Control?

I live in Florida where it is flat, doesn’t snow and, thanks to global warming, rarely rains. Is Electronic Stability Control a HUGE deal when looking for a new car? It doesn’t come standard on all mini vans. Should I rule them out if they don’t have it?

I think of it as just one more thing to go wrong. It is totally unnecessary. Do you have it on your current vehicle? Are you still alive?

It can really help in situation where high speed maneuver is required. I think the price is meager (usually $200-$500) for something that can save your life. If it has an issue it simply disables itself and illuminates a light retaining normal braking.

this article may help:

I would rule out any car that did have it. It’s pretty important to the folks who are selling it.

According to the most recent statistics from the Insurance Institute, electronic stability control is “second only to air bags” in terms of saving lives. While it is probably less important in a hot, mostly dry climate than in other areas, it could still be a life-saver in case of an emergency maneuver at high speed. However, only you can decide if this type of protection is important to you.

Electronic stability controls is going to be mandatory. The phase in starts next year, and by 2012 all new cars will require ESC.

Florida is not dry. It may be dryer than it was 10 years ago but it rains, and rains very hard at times. You can’t possibly have missed the monster thunderstorms when you can barely see the tail lights 2 or 3 car lengths in front of you. And this is when electronic stability control and ABS can help you.