How far can you drive on a flat tire?

Things really start getting squirrely when you get down to the brake rotor…

I once had a car towed in that had been driven on a flat until the rim and brake drum were ground down to the axle shaft flange. Needless to say the floor was full of beer bottles.

I had to put the brakes on the remaining 3 wheels in order to equalize the drag while the car was being towed.

Well there is a post right after this one that says “You can’t drive to South America.”…

You can’t drive to South America.
Maybe thru Mexico.

Of course it may be pretty car dependent, but if you take the time to redistribute the load, I think that throwing as much weight as possible into the opposite corner, might do the trick. A more stiffly sprung vehicle might work better. Like maybe, out on a binge with you as the designated driver with two inebriated friends and a flat on the right front. Just throw the drunk lardos in the left rear…maybe, perhaps.