How do you remove this 02 Sensor adapter/plug/connector?

Meanwhile the OP got his old sensor out and the new one in, in what sounds like difficult surroundings. It’s a job made much harder if you don’t have a proper garage and tools, good light and a way to get leverage. Congratulations to the stalwart home mechanic who got the job done again. I’ve seen people working on their cars and trucks all over the world, and the creativity and ingenuity they show is amazing.


The same also applies to professional mechanics

For example, having to diagnose and repair a vehicle, yet you don’t have the factory service manuals . . . or no service manuals of any kind, for that matter . . . and you also don’t have the special tools needed for that specific job. Yet the job needs to get done, nonetheless

Plenty of vehicles in our fleet fit that description. Some of them are so big, we don’t have a lift that will handle them. Jacks and jackstands are the name of the game in some cases


I concur db4690, I too have always admired auto mechanics that are able to diagnose & service most any vehicle that comes in, just by using their past experience and a little common sense. I definitely couldn’t do that myself. If somebody brought a VW Tiguan to my driveway, without a service manual I doubt I could even figure out how to rotate the tires. Fortunately, that never happens :wink:

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