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How do I make a voodoo doll?

Yes, ok,…seriously!

I have been, also, counseled to prod for a settling.

My goal would be easy.
I’d want the price of the unfixed brakes,
the rotation ( thank you! I did not know that!)
and the difference between their price
and the other mechanic’s prices
which seems like a decent request.
My goal is to squash the debt.
That is the big horror that is growing.

Did I mention that they sent me flowers?
…truly repulsive to beat someone up
and then, send flowers…very wife-beater-ish.

Since they sent you flowers, it is time to send a solid message. I guess driving around with a sign on your car doesn’t work.

How about popping this song on a CD and sending it in reply?

Many small claims court judges/magistrates will often see both sides of an issue and split the differences. It will cost you a nominal fee to bring them to court, but it may help you get some of your money back.

They sent you flowers? Are you serious or yanking my chain?

If you’re serious then I’d sue them in small claims court for adding insult to injury. :slight_smile:

Yes, they, really, sent me flowers.
The card said, “Regards, Mr. Wiygul.”. Yes, it made me more angry.

Yes, am am REALLY thankful for you-all, here!!!

RemcoW, Thank you, but, “surviving” by going broke and ending up, either, having to pay a MUCH bigger price because I didn’t and don’t have the money and had to put it on a credit card
or declaring bankruptcy is just getting beat up for a long long time.

I hate seeing people getting ripped off like this, but you mentioned that there is a lot of military around you and having done 20 years in the Navy, I know there are a lot of leaches outside the main gate.

So far you have been good about what you have said here, but I caution you about some of the suggestions you have received. If you say that this company ripped you off, you could be sued for slander or defamation. You would have to PROVE that you were ripped off, and that can be hard to do. But showing people the invoice for the repair is not slander. If you show people the bill and they draw the conclusion that you were ripped off, then the repair shop cannot do anything about it.

You can try small claims court, not sure about Virginia, but in most states, neither party is allowed to have a lawyer in the courtroom, so its just you, them and the judge.

One more thing, if you drive it in, you can drive it out. If you go in for one service and they tell you that you need more work done, you can say no. If they have taken something apart and claim that the vehicle is no longer drivable until the repair is done, you can tell them that they have to return it to the condition it was in when you drove in, no charge, and it has to run. You only have to pay for the things you ordered.

I can’t say that I’ve ever, in my entire life, heard of a shop sending flowers and it flat amazes me.
As to why they did this:
A. Trying to suck up in the hope you will be back for a 5 grand redeux.
B. Trying to sugar coat things a bit in hopes of avoiding a court claim.
C. They really, honestly, and truly care about you as a customer and they like you; a lot.

JMHO, but I would weed out C and only put a small amount of faith into A.

They had the gall to charge you 69 dollars for a simple tire rotation when the tires were already off of the car for other repairs, so that leads into other things that may be questionable.

I would save those flowers for small claims court. :wink:

@dawn99. I wasn’t trying to make light of the situation except for their crazy gesture of sending you flowers.
Looks like you got ripped off big time. I am truly sorry to hear it. More than a few mechanics see a woman and their first instinct is to upsell them on things they don’t need.

As suggested, try small claims court. Perhaps the judge will split the difference where you at least get half your money back - or the judge might be very sympathetic and you get it all back. You’ll need documentation, proving it wasn’t necessary. After the fact, that’s a difficult thing to prove.
When you sign the paper, it often has a space to enter a maximum amount after which they have to call you before going any further. If you left that blank or they called you and you told them to go ahead, you have little protection.
Truly sorry but clowns like that prey on unsuspecting customers.

Keith, Thank you!

ok4450,…HUGE Thank you - and YES, I did save the flowers for court

Remco, Thankyou, very much. since they have known me for several years, I am truly amazed!

If I might add a comment to help you in a potential court case it might be this. Think very carefully about how you present this. Try to keep it as simple and as articulate as possible while being cordial and showing no anger. Jot down a few notes about the main points and use that if you have to.

In the courtroom, a judge does not want to hear any angry mouthing off like you might see on those TV shows and they also do not want to listen to 15 minutes of testimony to make a point. I would take the flowers completely wrapped up and present them as the final word if necessary.

The flower thing just flat astounds me. That’s the biggest load of carp (sic) I’ve ever heard of. :slight_smile:

OK4450, thank you and I agree.

There is no sense in me, barking and making ME look like the fool.
I find that the facts are enough here
and, as you guys see too, this thing does not look good for THEM.
I really need to script my lines and keep them very brief.

“…just the facts, sir.” :slight_smile:

I, totally, saved the flowers from the first moment AND the card that came with them!