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How do I get this rusty Exhaust off?

Hey i have a question for you. I’m trying to replace my transfer case because it’s literally right about to go out but I have to remove my exhaust pipes first because they block my transfer case. The problem is my exhaust pipes are super rusty. I tried using sand paper to remove stronge of it but it had corroded into one piece of metal. Take a look at my pictures the rust is worst than I’ve seen before. ! The bottom of the exhaust don’t even have a nut it’s just the bolt in there and it’s rusted sei bad it doesn’t even need the nut to hold it together.
How should I attack this problem the easiest least expensive way?

I sanded it down and it looks like one hulk of metal no seperation to spray in penetrant

You can’t see seperation in the metal between bolt and exhaust adapter if I sand it down or appears to be one funk of metal like the one in the first picture. This is a different bolt from the first picture I didn’t sand it

That’s going to require the blue wrench.



Cut the bolts off, they won’t be reusable. You can cut them off with a die grinder with cut-off wheel.

To warm up bolt to loosen up rust or cut out the exhaust? How much would it cost to get a shop to do it?

@Nevada_545 I was thinking of using a hacksaw to cut them out, bought one today then took it back because I wasn’t sure how I would put our back together. How should i cut it and put it back together? (I’ll be using a hack saw)

I don’t mess around with rusted out exhaust systems.

Cut it all out and replace it.



@Tester What is the best way to cut it and replace it without causing exhaust leaks. Talk to me like I’m stupid If you have to I’m trying to do this as soon as I can without any mistakes. Side note I can only afford a hacksaw right now

Take it to an independent muffler shop, have them do it. It’ll be worth the money.


Take it to a shop that does exhaust work.

Without the tools/knowledge, this is not a task to take on. You could make things worse if not repaired right.

Ask any mechanic!

Exhaust work is a despised task.



@Tester Unfortunately I don’t have the money. My transfer case must be removed now.

Then I’m sorry!

You can’t afford to do this repair correctly.


@Tester so what do you suggest I do? Just sit here and die? Not going to happen

I’m not trying to replace the whole exhaust system right now. I’m just trying to cut the bolts from the exhaust flange then pt it back together so I can eventually remove but transfer case. I’ll replace the whole exhaust system when I get the money.

Jerry , do you not have a credit card or a relative who can help you ? Exhaust work must be done right so you don’t have fumes entering the vehicle . You really don’t want that to happen .

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I understand that about fumes. Are you saying I can’t cut out the bolts without making the exhaust come into my vehicle?

A hack saw would require too much labor for myself but if that is all you can get then that is what you will have to use. After you cut the heads off, drive the bolts though with a hammer and punch.

You might find some of the transfer case to transmisson nuts/bolts difficult to remove without decent tools.

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Use an air compressor with an air chisel.