How badly is my car out of alignment? This was what my Altima was at August of last year and I haven't gotten it fixed yet - was that a bad idea? Thanks!

A lot of those settings are outside the parameters, but who knows how well the alignment equipment was set up and used? Are there worn or bent parts on the car?

How does it steer and handle? How’s tire wear? Why wait to get it fixed?

Sooo this car always leads right…

Yes it was a bad idea, yes it is pretty far out of alignment.

You may have destroyed a perfectly nice set of tires. Don’t know for sure you didn’t post a picture of the tires.

The first question I ask is how are your tires wearing? Are there any unusual wear patterns? Are they lasting as long as expected? If you feel the tires are doing OK, then I would ignore the alignment test, especially if it was free.

I would also be suspect of those camber numbers, as far as I know, the Altima camber is not adjustable, but you didn’t say what year the vehicle is or if it had been in an accident.