How are tired-wheels best.ored? Store in bags?

Just puthe aggressive 17-inch snow-tired-wheels on thExpedition.
How do I best.ore the 18-inch M&S tires mounted on wheels which I just removed?
(I labled their positions so that I will rotate them next year.)
Thank you.

If they’re stored inside out of the sunlight then you should not need to do anything to them at all.

If tires are going to be stored for a long period of time (5-10 years or whatever) then placing them in trash bags and sprinkling the tire liberally with talcum powder will help preserve the rubber.

Assuming it’s just for the winter, keep them under cover, preferably in the garage and out of the elements. Some I keep in bags, some I don’t and I see no difference for this short time.
Both Robt and OK have good suggestions.

I would say that as long as they are out of the sun light, they should be fine. Now if you are talking about 10 year storage, that would be a little different.

Store tires in a cool dry place up off the ground, away from light, electrical devices, chemicals, and sources of heat. Hanging is preferred, but difficult; stacked would be the next choice. Don’t deflate the tires, but don’t add pressure unless they are truly low. Add the pressure when you install them.