Hot Jaguar?


2000 S-Type V8. 66-K everything runs great and I get 26MPG on trips 17 MPG in town. Two years ago I replaced the factory water pump with a new model with a metal water wheel rather than plastic. Recently the indicator light has sent a false signal of overheated engine on three occassions for about 20 seconds and then returned to normal. The engine was not over heating. Any ideas? I do not want to go to the Jag dealer for $$$$. HELP!


simplest thing. clean/ check/ replace temp sender. (connections, wires, plug.)

after that replace thermostat.

the rad cap may be bad too.


Cappy’s got it down to a tee.

But you should note that your engine (probably an AJ-V8) has a recommendation to replace the thermostat every 2 years. Thermostat’s show these symptoms prior to complete failure. If it hasn’t been replaced, do it now.

Just one other thing - Do you hear any engine rattles ? Particularly at start up ?


Thanks for the good 411 and I am off to my favorite shop in Alexandria, Virginia with your suggestions.