Hot hood on 2013 Jaguar XF

The hood is very hot after short trips???

Not a question, that is a statement.

There is a hot engine under that hood… there is sunshine shining down on that hood…

The hood will get hot. have a nice day!

+1 to all of Mustangman’s comments.
However, I will add that if the car was ever in a collision and needed bodywork to the front of the car, it is entirely possible that the body shop did not replace the underhood pad that is placed there as sound insulation. The absence of the original sound insulation can lead to higher temperatures on the adjacent sheet metal.

If the OP bought this Jag as a used car, it is entirely possible that it was in a front-end collision before he bought it.

Your engine’s operating temperature is above 200F. Cylinder temperatures can exceed 2,000F. Much of it is drawn away by the coolant to the radiator, which is also under the hood, for dissipation into the air passing through the engine compartment… under the hood. Much of it is also radiated into the air around the engine… under the hood.

Without knowing how hot the hood is actually getting, it’s impossible to suspect that something is amiss.

You should also be aware that engine compartment temperatures rise after you shut off the engine. When the coolant stops flowing through the engine and the air stops flowing through the engine compartment, all the heat in the engine radiates to its surrounding air in the engine compartment and rises up to the hood… until ultimately the entire core of the engine becomes equal to the ambient air. That takes many hours.

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That is another very good point for the OP to consider.