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Hot air coming from dashboard vent

Today I turned on my car and heard a sound like water flowing down a pipe, then I started to feel the car getting warm, but no hot air coming from the vent. I felt the dash board and it felt very warm, and very warm air coming from the dashboard vent.
What could cause this to happen?

Confused, you say no hot air from the vent, then you say very warm air from the vent. Which is it?

How did you “feel the car getting warm” ?

More than likely blend door. What kind of car, make, model, year and better description of the problem.

Like BillRussell I’m confused by the hot air - warm air thing too. The gurgling sound is probably air pockets mixed with coolant flowing through your heater core possibly due to a low coolant level.

Its a 2006 toyota corolla LE. The vent on top of the dashboard, (windshield defroster) not the vents facing me. I placed my hand on top of the dashboard and felt very warm air coming from this vent. As I am driving the car gradually gets warmer & warmer.
I placed my hands on top of the dashboard and it was very, very warm.

There is a little motor that moves the air from the vent to defrost. The little motor is bad. You also need to check your antifreeze level. That is the gurgling you hear.

Is it safe to drive the car while this air is coming from the windshield defroster? Also, is that motor expensive to change?

It should be safe to drive but first check your coolant ( anti freeze ) level.