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Hose connector?


Upper radiator hose connector at the water pump side wore and broke off. All hoses are still good. Question is can I buy just the plastic connector? If so where? No matter how I look it up I find the entire hose assembly for upwards of 75 dollars (with quick connect). Surely the connect alone should be around 15 bucks. Any ideas where to look?

It’s a BMW 7 series; for that car 75 bucks is petty cash.


I mean yeah, but I dont like to spend more than necessary. It’s just a daily to work. My baby is my 2018 sierra Denali. I dont even like cars. Anyway can I buy the connector separately?

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I wouldn’t know, but the best place to find out is probably the parts counter at the BMW dealer.

For them the OEM part is not sold separately. Whole hose assembly 190. Makes little sense since the hose is just on with a regular hose clamp.

Google: bmw 7 radiator hose connector insert your year somewhere

Try Rockauto