Horrible Gas Fumes / Tired of Getting Dizzy While Driving



I have a 1988 Jeep Wrangler and over the past few months there have been strong gas fumes swirling around while I’m driving. This can make me feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. There doesn’t seem to be fuel leaking anywhere, does anyone know what is causing this?

If so, any idea on a cost to fix it?


With out knowing what the problem is and where it is going to be difficult to offer an estimate.

Is there any pattern as to when it happens (time of day, temperature, full tank, empty tank, right after a fill up, parking on a hill etc? Have you ever stopped and tried to see if you could smell it stronger at the front or back of the car? Are you sure it does not connect with the car maybe running a little rough?

Help us out here.


I have no idea what’s leaking, but something is, and it sounds DANGEROUS. If the fumes are making you sick, you should not drive this vehicle. The potential for fire or explosion is high, and you could be hurt or worse. Have it TOWED to a mechanic and let the mechanic find and repair the leak. How much it costs is not important. This is a safety issue.


Don’t drive this vehicle until you get it fixed. My nephew had a job delivering parts for parts store last summer. Exhaust fumes were getting into the car. Even with the windows rolled down he could smell it. Couldn’t use the AC at all because of the fumes. By september he was in the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning…And he’s a young healthy 19yo. Missed a semester of school because of constant headaches. Took over a month to clear it out of his system.


I bet you have been driveing with the top off or with the back window open… Havent you??

This is a common Wrangler problem, the only real cure is to make sure the tail pipe exits after the rear bumper of the truck… The further out the better.


I have a 1989 jeep wrangler and I have the same problem. It only happens when a window is open and is the worst when I let off the gas. Is this something I will have to deal with? Thanks


[b]Have somebody check the fuel injector O-rings for leakage.

The wifes’ Cherokee had an injector O-ring leaking, and it didn’t take very much gas on the hot intake manifold to create the gas odor.

Most parts stores sell replacement injector O-ring kits for this reason.



If it’s an '88 or '89 Wrangler with the I6 I’ll bet it’s carb’d.


I had such a problem only in winter, and it turned out to be a valve cover gasket. When cold, it leaked just enough that oil dripped onto the exhaust manifold.