Horrible Experience dealing with Chrysler, any suggestions?

Look at the username “jokma”. I think we’ve all been had.

For the record, I agree with the others: UncleTurbo was obviously joking, and it isn’t his fault if his not-really-all-that-subtle post was lost on one person.

I also agree that if you went 4,000 miles without at least looking at the oil, it’s kinda your fault that you ran out of oil, and you’re therefore responsible for damage to your engine that can result from running out of oil.

“This forum is for discussion of problems people are having”

This forum is called ‘General Discussion’. Chill out! [/blunt]

From reading circuitsmith’s posts and comments, I would say he’s one of the brightest electricians on this board.

I see my previous comment was deleted. But I would have to say that I highly doubt circuitsmith’s ability as and electrician. Sorry. I must say that his comment is foolish. And frankly, I find it offensive that he turns to insults.

Actually I’m a lab manager at a University’s School of Electrical & Computer Engineering.
I probably wouldn’t be a great electrician, but I know more of the practical stuff than the PhDs I work for.