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Horn requirements

Does anyone know if an “add -on” horn is sufficient to pass the safty inspection in MA. The factory horn on my brother’s car no longer works.

Goldilocks, What Do You Mean By “Add On Horn?” Do You Mean Air-Horn, For Like, Boating Or Hockey Games?

[i][b]“This horn is too quiet!” she exclaimed.

So, she honked the second horn.

“This horn is too loud,” she said

So, she honked the last horn.

“Ahhh, this horn is just right,” she said happily and she installed it in her brother’s car.[/i][/b]

Did you try fixing it? It could just be a fuse. If not, find the horn and use a continuity light to see if it gets power there when you press the horn button. If so, replace the horn with new or used.

Why mess around with chintzy horns? You can buy a set of replacement horns from JC Whitney for about $25. This is the route I took when both of the horns in my '04 Camry took a permanent dirt nap. I live in MA and having a working SET of horns is almost as necessary as brakes…

As I remember, the 1949 Dodge Wayfarer roadster didn’t come with a horn as standard equipment. (It also had side curtains instead of roll-up windows). I’ll bet this car would drive the safety inspectors in MA nuts. My guess is that any horn from an auto parts store or a salvage yard would do the job. I don’t think the instpectors stand a measured distance from the car and measure the horn output in decibels. If the horn toots with reasonable volume, that should do the trick. I purchased a 2000 Ford Windstar new and the horn sounded a one note sickly bleat. I thought maybe there was another horn that hadn’t been connected. Nope! The car only came with one single note horn.

I believe they will accept the bumper sticker “Horn Broke, Watch for Finger!” as a valid substitute :wink:

Goldilocks - The Massachusetts DMV website warns this way:

If the problem is a safety related issue (brakes, horn, tires, etc.) You must have the problem fixed immediately. You are not allowed to drive the vehicle or motorcycle until the safety issue(s) are resolved.
I don’t know the answer to your question, but someone at the DMV might be able to tell you whom to talk to.

The Registry of motor vehicles has an FAQ website at:

I would guess if it sounds vaguely horn-ish they’ll be fine with it. It’s not like the inspectors are all that likely to be able tell the difference between the stock horn and an add-on one. Assuming the add-on one doesn’t play Dixie or make a wolf-whistle.

Hey, you got the goldilocks part just right! Here’s the thing, the horn does work, but it sounds every time my brother engages the clutch. His solution was to pull the fuse. Needs the sticker but if afraid to get the rejection if he puts the fuse back in and the horn sounds at every gear change.

Thank you Barry for the links to DMV. I’ll forward them to my bro.

Too Much Tooting Is Better Than No Tooting!

I’ll bet there’s no law about the horn working too well. I wonder if they would believe the car came factory equipped with the “audible clutch” option if you told them it was originally owned by a blind person.

I’d look for a wire getting pinched by the clutch pedal or something to do with the switch they put on the clutch pedal arm so it won’t start with the clutch “out”.