Hood wont open on 1995 olds cutlass ciera

i have been trying to open the hood on my 95 old cutlass ciera but no matter how much i pull the lever it wont open. is there another way to open it

The cable probably broke or came loose at the hood release. Can you lay on the ground and reach up inside the bumper to the hood release? You’ll probably need to grab it with a pliers or push it with a screwdriver. Good luck.

If you pull on the handle and it doesn’t move at all, then try having someone else press down on the hood while you try pulling it.

If you pull on the handle and it moves normally, or even very easily, then the cable is broken or disconnected. A local body shop can usually help you figure out how to get it open.

Try pushing down on the hood repeatedly while somebody works the hood release. This works on my 93 Caprice when the hood sticks. This assumes the cable is not broken. Sometimes pulling up on the hood firmly will pop it loose.

Ed B.