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Hood Latch for Pontiac Vibe

I need to replace my hood latch on my Vibe. I had to do this about 5 years ago as the spring mechanism wasn’t working anymore and kept getting stuck so the hood wouldn’t stay down. Back then, the part I bought was about $30.
I think this is what I need, but I’m not sure. My mechanic is very good that he lets me buy the parts, and I just take them down to the shop and he’ll install them.

It’s well-known that the vibe is essentially a Toyota Matrix with the pontiac sticker slapped on it. That being said, would this work?

If so, it’s so much more cost effective to go this route.

Ask these guys at they know everything about Matrix and Pontiac Vibe

I look at the toyotanation forum for one reason. The never ending of really stupid questions. As for receiving help, the so called moderators there try to answer and they are not qualified to do so. One even uses yew for you - fer instead of for - and other things he thinks is cute. One moderator even started a thread asking what kind of oil to use.

Hrm…this doesn’t sound too promising…

I typed in oem pontiac vibe parts and go plenty of hits, kinda like throwing my fishing lure in the water, sometimes I get plenty of hits.

I asked the experts at and they said that both cars share the same latch mechanism.They say that both cars were built side by side in the same factory. Cosmetic things like body panels,interior and lights were different along with a few engine parts.


Thank you for asking for me! It’s very much appreciated.

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So, as a quick heads-up for anyone else wondering, the vibe and matrix hood latches are different. Essentially the same design, but the matrix is about double in overall size and thus is not a good substitute.