Honda Won't Start

I have a 1991 Honda Accord and on thursday I was out to eat with a friend and when I left I tried to start the car the lights came up and the automatic seat belt when back but when I tried to start it everything went black and it did not turn over there was not power and when I took my key out the seat belt didn’t move back to the front either. Only when I opened the door did it move, so I got my friend to show him what happened it took maybe less then a minute and I went back to start the car and it started right up and he thought I was joking. I was able to go to class and work on friday and work on saturday then yesterday I had the same problem I went to leave my house and the same situation execpt the seat belt got stuck in the middle, so I gotout and checked the battery moved it around and made sure it was connected. Then I got back in and it started. I have a brand new battery just replaced it in September and both times when the car started the clock was reset to a different time, what is going on I am a commuter college student I’m a little worried since this has happened twice in 3 days.

“checked the battery moved it around and made sure it was connected.”

If the battery or its terminals can move around then this is a problem - the battery should be securely mounted and the terminals securely attached. Perhaps that is the place to start. Are the battery terminals clean and tight? Trace out the cables and check all connections. Do this especially with the negative (black) cable and check and clean the ground connections.

The other kind of problem that would make sense with these events would be a bad/going bad ignition switch.

Batt termanal is bearly loose. When you try to start it the car tells the ecu there is a ground problem. When u move around the termanal bearly moves and the car thinks its ok again so the ecu turns the power back on.