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Honda suddenly has soft clutch after front end brake overhaul

I just had a front end brake overhaul done consisting of fluid transfusion, calipers, ceramic pads, brake rotor, and brake hoses. The brakes seem fine now, but my clutch has suddenly become soft and also seems to be closer to the floor to engage. There were no issues at all with the clutch before the maintenance.
Can I assume the cylinders were checked when bleeding the brakes?
Any ideas why this would be happening?

Thank you.

If your car has a hydraulic clutch someone may have accidentally draind the fluid and then improperly topped it up.

Normal brake work should not affect the function of your clutch.

Pleas give us the make, year and model of your car and the mileage.

2000 Honda Accord

Many small cars around that time shared the brake fluid reservoir with the clutch master cylinder. If yours is that way, the work may have let some air into the clutch system and it should also be bled.

Check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder. If the fluid level is low, look on the firewall where the push rod for the master cylinder passes thru to connect to the clutch pedal. If fluid is leaking in this area the clutch master is leaking and needs to be replaced.


Good posts above. It’s also possible for a clutch MC to leak internally, so there’d be not visible leak. That would result in the same symptom, and is a pretty common thing and just have happened to occur at the same time, unrelated to the brakes. And this is usually fairly inexpensive to fix.

Coincidentally, the clutch on my early 90’s Corolla just started doing the same thing. I haven’t done any work on the brakes, or done anything with the clutch hydraulic system in several years. The current clutch MC is over 10 years old, so my plan is to just replace it. I tried to buy a replacement part the other day, but the parts place I go to is configured so everyone, no matter what they want, has to stand in the same line. I was behind a bunch of customers wanting to ask dozens of questions about air fresheners and windshield wipers, didn’t have the patience to stay and make my clutch MC purchase. I’ll have to go to another parts store where they have separate counters, one for repair parts where the most knowledgeable staff are, and another counter for stuff like air fresheners, where they have their trainees working.