Honda Pilot has been at the repair shop since Feb

I’ve never had any issues with Geico myself, but I also haven’t had major repairs needed either. I would pick the body shop myself and have the Insurance company pay them. This has worked out well - though there may be disagreement over time vs materials - my body shop wanted to buy a new panel to save time in repairing a dent - Geico told them to fix the dent. They did, it took a couple days extra but looked like new afterwards so I didn’t really care. That said, apparently it “saved” Geico $100. Which makes no sense to me as I would have thought the labor charge would have eaten it up, but I don’t set the prices or contracts the body shop has with various insurance companies.

OP has progressive

I know the OP has progressive, I was just commenting that maybe the reason I haven’t had issues is that I picked the bodyshop rather than going to the one Geico “recommended”. At least in NY you have the legal right to go to whatever shop you want.

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I’ve had GEICO for decades, and never had a problem with the repair shops they recommend.

In OK one has the right to use any body shop they choose.

Granted, most incidents won’t be problematic but when there’s a conflict of interest it’s best to avoid that conflict.

I’ve used one of the companies mentioned and after they hosed me on a homeowner’s claim they were gone.

I assume the book value on a 2015 is still over $20000 so they arent going to total it unless the cost to fix it is more than what its worth on the books . It’s a tough situation to be in, i know I would never feel comfortable in it again if it took that much to fix it and it is still having issues .

The repair cost does not have to exceed book value to declare a total. It varies by state but generally speaking if the repair costs run 60 to 80% of the value the car is a total.

Here in OK it’s 60%. So if the repair costs were 12 grand on a 20 grand car value it would be a total loss.

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