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HONDA pilot 2013 shudder

Honda Pilot 2013 shudders when I get to speed and back off the accelerator. Seems to happen the most at 40 and 60 mph. Took it to the dealer and first of all they tried to tell me nothing was wrong. So I went in to pick it up and took a tech on a ride with me and the he said “oh yeah I hear it now” they fixed the torque converter, flushed the transmission and replaced a front axel. It was rearended in the past minor damage to bumper. Anyway, I picked it up a couple days ago and on my way home it was still doing the shudder. Wife drove it the next day and thinks it might actually be worse. Some days it does seem worse then others.

I always get skeptical when a dealership (or anyone else) recommends maintenance when they should recommend a repair. The only reason that flush was recommended was to pad the bill. Maintenance procedures are meant to prevent malfunctions, not repair them.

It’s time to take the vehicle elsewhere for a second opinion from a competent automotive diagnostician, and that means taking it somewhere other than the dealership you went to. I know you spent your money at the dealership and got nothing, so you might be tempted to chase after that money by going back to the same dealership, but they’ve demonstrated a level of incompetence that suggests you’ll probably bet better off cutting your losses and moving on.

I’m going out on a limb and guessing you might need a transmission rebuild, particularly if the shudder is happening as the transmission shifts gears.

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