Honda Odyssey Transmission

I have a Honda Odyssey with 154000 miles on it. In February it started to slip when putting it into drive. I thought this was due to the cold snap. The slip/delay grew until it would disengage from gear when driving. Eventually it was not safe to drive and I had it towed to a transmission shop. The shop quoted me 1-2 days & $2700. That was on March 4. Since then they have replaced the TCU, the torque converter arm & the transmission & the ring kit. It is April 6th & they still have it. He has told me that he won’t charge more than the 2700 he originally quoted me, but when I went out there yesterday nothing had changed (it was still on the lift with the exhaust & undercarriage on the floor) since two days prior when he told me it would be done on Friday. Do I have any recourse, and how do I make him finish this job?

What Was The Date You Were Given For Completion Of The Repair ?

Are you dealing with the business owner or an employee ?

What are they stating is holding up repairs ?


You could put the parts in a box, get the van off the lift, and and have it towed to another shop. But that would cost you more money. What does the mechanic need to finish the job? It might be that parts are ordered but not delivered yet. Find out what stands in the way of finishing the job, and ask for an honest appraisal of the time involved if you haven’t already. Since the van is on a lift, he can’t use the lift for any other work. That alone is a huge incentive for him to finish your job. My guess is parts availability, but you won’t know until you ask. One more thing: if this mechanic can’t get the parts, why would you think that another can get them quicker?

Did they put it on the lift on march 4th? I assume since they have replaced a bunch of parts, they reinstalled it, found out it did not work and than put it back on lift and took it out again. Bet it has been on/off lift several times. NO shop will let a car take up lift for 1 whole month. Don’t believe it for 1 second.