Honda odyssey - shaking with check engine and VSA on



That is one SERIOUS weakness of this website . . . people do a symptom search, or what have you, and the ANCIENT thread is resurrected. And there’s the inevitable confusion, because some people are responding the original OP from several years ago, while others are responding to the new guy

I agree with Volvo . . . after a certain time, an inactive discussion should just stay dead. I think the only exception should be if the OP from several years ago were the one to revive it, because he had an update



However, what I can’t quite figure out is why newbies to this site think that they have to glom onto old threads with a frequently tenuous relation to their specific problem. If the link for “post a new thread/question” isn’t prominent enough, then I think that the webmasters have to make it more prominent.

If newbies think that everything revolves around old threads, then how do they think that new threads are created?


I don’t see this as being much of a problem myself. It’s pretty easy to ignore the older portions of the thread and focus only on the new content. Perhaps a more clear indication of the portions of the thread that are more than a year old would be helpful, different color, etc. The older content however should definitely remain, as it provides helpful ideas for folks looking for car-repair help here.

Towards solving @korares problem, the VSA dash warning light isn’t the problem, that’s just to tell you the engine is not running correctly, and you already know that. If the variable valve timing function (vtech) is not working properly, these symptoms could be expected. If your shop diagnosis says the vtech pressure switch is the problem, that’s probably the best next step. It may well solve the problem completely.

fyi, Variable valve timing means when the intake and exhaust valves open and close is changed depending upon engine rpm and engine load. Older vehicles the valves always open and close at the same time. Modulating the opening and closing time, that’s done in newer cars to improve engine performance and mpg. The downside is, if that function fails, it will make the engine run poorly, or not at all.


My suggestion for someone with a similar problem to one in an old thread is to start a new one and add a link to the old thread in their first post.


Maybe so, but there’s plenty of others who DO respond to the op from several years ago

It happens quite often, in fact


Try this: 1st person April 2012 - Second different person 8 months later - Third person 3 year later - Forth person 3 years and 2 months later

What good is that much confusion.


I discovered this sight by googling “2005 Honda Odyssey VSA.” It came up first and since I was on a dark country road and husband out of town, I was so glad to read the advice of turning the car off and trying again. I read the post while waiting and when I started the van it drove fine without the shaking and sluggish pull. I know it’s an old thread but for me, I was SO glad I saw it to get me home tonight AND I certainly receieved all the rebukes about neglect and fluids! Good advice and I now have the fear of God about vehicle fluids :kissing_heart: Thank you to all the knowledgable contributors!


What did you see?