Honda odyssey battery dies



I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey. If it isn’t driven for a period that varies from 4-7 days, the battery dies. Obviously something is causing the discharge, but I’m not sure what. It occurs with the master interior light switch off. Could the automatic doors be causing this even if they are not being operated? We spoke to the Honda dealership after the first time it occurred, they said it was “normal” but I doubt that is the right answer. Any ideas?


If it is actually “normal” I guess I wouldn’t recommend buying any more Hondas. But, I suspect the problem is more likely that the original battery is starting to fail.


Most auto parts stores will provide free battery testing. It’s very possible the battery itself could be going bad. It happens. Getting the battery checked is probably the best place to start before you start figuring out if there is a drain or not. Plus it’s cheap and not too difficult to do. If it’s not the battery, then you have a drain somewhere. But start with the easy part first: the battery.