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Honda Odyssey 2000 transmission problem: repair or sell

I have impeccably maintained my Odyssey 2000 van. It has 152,000 miles and has a few minor mechanical problems (busted light on dash, locks, sliding door gliders). The transmission has been slipping off and on for about 12,000 miles but now it is slipping and hesitating all the time. Still, very driveable. My local Honda dealer recommends replacing the trany. I had planned to get 200-300K miles on this van before downsizing to a hybid. Honda estimated $2300 for the replacement.

Again, should I replace trany or sell car???

Food for thought, your van probably has another 152,000 left on it. You could also perhaps get this job done cheaper elsewhere… You don’t have to go to the dealer. Shop around for a mom & pop transmission repair shop. Since you had planned on getting lots of miles out of this car, and have maintained it well so far, why not keep the car?

If the dealership is going to replace your transmission with a genuine Honda rebuilt for $2300, jump on it before they change their minds…