Honda Insight IMA rusty need replacing?

I purchased a replacement engine for my 2000 Honda Insight and it arrived at the dealership that I planned to have install it for me. They tell me that the IMA on the replacement is rusty and they want to swap it out with the one from my original engine. The catch is, it costs $100 just to rent the tool (from Honda) that they need to pull the motor position sensor in order to make the swap. Note that Honda won’t sell even to their own dealership the tool. It must be rented, which requires shipping costs both ways in addition to the daily rental fee.

Another mechanic tells me that a little surface rust on the IMA is no big deal, and it can be buffed off. The cost of renting the tool and the labor involved is not worth it.

My confidence in the dealership is waning for a number of other reasons, including a sudden increase in their labor estimate of 60% more than the original estimate.

Neither the dealer nor the other mechanic has replaced this engine before. Nor is either very familiar with hybrids in general.

Who’s a mother to believe?

Thanks for any “insight”.

Tell them to send the engine back and replace it with one without rust. At Honda’s cost, of course. Remember, you are paying for a new engine in new condition, not rusted ersatz.

What is the IMA, and what does it look like on the engine you are replacing? Is it topical rust on an unpainted case, or is it rust on a painted enclosure?

OK, I figured out what the IMA is. It’s the entire power system, including the gas engine, battery, and associated hardware. Here’s a description of it:

You need to be more specific about where the rust is. I still think that I’d insist on a new, rust-free IMA. Your buying it, insist on the best. You might also contact American Honda to complain about your second-class citizenship in the Honda Owner’s Nation. The dealer should never treat a customer that way.

Thanks for the response. I bought the engine from an independent supplier. It’s not new. I checked out the rust, myself, and got yet another to inspect it and give an opinion. It is merely surface rust that any bare metal gets from exposure to humidity. No one in their right mind would think the part needs replacing (IMO). Methinks the service reps at the dealership are either stupid or hoping I am. Thanks again!

You’re right. They were hoping you would buy their story about a rusty “IMA” and and spend whatever they asked you to spend to replace it.

What happened to the original engine? Why does it need to be replaced?