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Honda insight avoid travel at high speed

Hello, hope all seniors are great, I am a rookie in this group, so i don’t know proper standards and protocols to follow kindly ignore if mistaken; However recently brought a hybrid Honda insight, and very next day got a check engine light, car is running perfectly giving best fuel average all things are working so great and well, but having this engine light is a nightmare for a new owner of a used car.
It’s a Japanese car so its showing on screen (avoid travel at high speed). didn’t have scanning till yet and don’t know error code.
Kindly help me, is there anyone have this error before so please let me know

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The first thing is to get the code for the check engine light read. If the light is blinking it should not be driven at all, but towed to a mechanic. Usually parts stores like Autozone will read them for free. Then post the codes here. Format will be P0123.
When posting please also provide the following information:
But, if the vehicle is still under warranty, take it to Honda for diagnosis and repair.

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Do you have any warranty or return period on this purchase? You probably don’t, but if you do it might be very short (a matter of days). If someone dumped an expensive problem on you, it would be good to know your options here.