Honda Hybrid Service Problems

What can be done when Honda service is not responsive? I have a 2006 Civic Hybrid, 63K mi, which I loved for almost two years. Then I started experiencing intermittent main battery failure symptoms which has become normal every day. Honda said their diagnostics(?) showed no CODES set so no problem and nothing to fix! Finally, two weeks ago the IMA Indicator came on with codes indicating “Battery Module Deterioration”! Their response was to install an “update” that had just been released that day. I agreed to test the update but found the only apparent change was extinguishing the indicator.

The battery is still under waranty for 17K but I get the impression that my dealer is not inclined to admit there is a problem and Honda America will not replace the battery without the dealer vouching there is a problem. I guess they think I will just wait until I can have to pay for the replacement.

I have been dealing with both, Dealer and Honda Amrica customer service for nearly two years with only frustration and anger as a result. My mileage has decreased from 45 MPG overall to 36-38.

Any Ideas on who to contact to get this fixed will be appreciated.

Are there any other Honda dealers within reasonable driving distance? You could try their service department.

When I read between the lines I read of a constantly complaining customer that has motivate the Dealer to “dig in his heels”. Complaining for two years? I bet they like to see you drive up.

Really this is the way it is,when you make a nusiance out of yourself the level of service you recieve drops. Just giving my input on how “problem” customers were dealt with at the Dealers I worked at.

It is a shame that your previous complaining has caused your Dealer to turn a deaf ear when now it seems you really do have a problem. Kinda like Chicken Little and the sky is falling story.

How is his complaining about a PROBLEM he’s having a nuisance? What’s he suppose to do…ignore the problem and HOPE it goes away?? I’ve got a MUCH easier to deal with customers like this…“FIX THE PROBLEM”.

When you’ve taken your car in for warranty service were you given any paperwork?? You should have been. If not DEMAND it. As long as you have a paper trail of the dealer attempting to fix a problem then when the warranty expires they can still be held liable to fix it.

I have lots of paper work and in fact the American Honda case worker suggested exactly what you said. But it was said like: “we will still be able to help you after the waranty period expires”. To which I responded that so far I only have the terms of the original 8/80, which is full replacement. He said he could not give me any guarantee which I interpreted as valueless.

I met with the dealer service manager again today and showed him the video of the failures I have been having. He seemed to be much more cooperative and approachable today and sad he would forward the videos to Tech Service. I’m hoping that this will change the direction from the past.