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Honda Fit to tow a uhaul?

I am considering purcasing a Honda Fit – seems to be a good fit for most of our needs. If I need extra storage for moving college stuff in/out, can it take a UHaul?

I doubt it.

Check out UHauls web-site. The LIGHTEST trailer (which is an open trailer) weighs 700lbs. The lightest closed trailer (which is what you’ll need to move) weighs around 1500…I doubt the Fit can handle much more then 1000lbs.

Towing a trailer will void the factory warranty. UHaul doesn’t offer a trailer light enough, but the Fit would be capable of towing a very small open deck trailer. Something like this:

I would strongly advise against it, unless you are just moving some stuff across town. For the cost of a proper hitch and wiring you can rent a U haul truck several times over.

I’m in a similar situation. I used to own a V8 Chevy Caprice which could haul anything. It also had a very strong roof rack. My current car, a Toyota, can only carry 100 lbs on the roof rack and has limited towing ability.

Over the last 3 years, however, I have had to pay only $80 for having stuff delivered that the Chevy could have carried on the roof or in a trailer. In other words, I saved a bundle on gas and only paid $80 penalty. I also have several friends with trucks who tow campers. For the price of a case of beer they’ll pick up bulky or heavy stuff for me.

Towing a trailer might also void the warranty on your Fit. Check the owner’s manual. The Fit, with the seats down is cavernous. Just what are you planning to take to college anyway??

Thanks everyone. I’ve lived with minivans for so long (Odyssey, then MPV) that I fear I’ll miss the space.

And you wouldn’t believe what my firstborn brought home last spring after 4 years of college – it totally filled up my MPV (with middle seats out and rear folded down). Admittedly, it seemed to be mostly dirty clothes, but still…

There are one-wheel devices that you can use to haul light loads with the Honda Fit. These one-wheel devices have two points at which they are coupled to the front bumper of the Fit and are pushed along instead of pulled. These one wheel devices go under the generic name of “Wheelbarrow”. In other words, there isn’t any practical way to haul things with a Honda Fit.

I’ve had minivans since 1991 for the convenience of hauling musical instruments and transporting musicians. I have found the minivans so useful that we don’t have a conventional car. I don’t think you want to swap your MPV for a Honda Fit.

If you really need the extra space, rent a U-haul truck and tow the Fit behind it.

You cannot “void a factory warranty”. However if the problem, lack of maintenance(records) or modification can be attributed then they can deny your specific claim.